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"Julian Millstein was a skillful mediator in a commercial litigation involving one of our clients. He was quickly up to speed on the relevant issues, and patiently presided over several contentious mediation sessions. Both sides came to trust and have great confidence in him. He helped the parties explore creative business solutions, which ultimately were not adopted, but in the process clarified positions and enabled settlement. The matter was, within a short time after Mr. Millstein"s involvement, amicably resolved."

Jeffrey R. Coleman
Partner, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, New York

My company was involved in a long-standing cross-border contract dispute, and my attorney suggested we use Julian Millstein to mediate. His involvement was extremely valuable. By the time we got to mediation, things were very emotional and I thought we were surely headed for long and costly litigation. But through his calm manner, careful listening and perseverance, Mr. Millstein was able to get us all back on track toward a resolution. We would not have reached a settlement without his work.

Colas Overkott 
CEO, Visiware, S.A.

"It was in the mid nineties that I first worked with Julian, completing a series of very large and complex outsourcing deals during the 'heyday' era. Julian became my first choice for external counsel in every instance; although he knows the contract and case law around outsourcing as well any of his contemporaries, what truly sets him apart is his skill at the table.... he reads people; he understands the overlay of emotion and ego in situations where the stakes are high, and although he is tough and intellectually rigorous, he has an innate ability to demonstrate that he sees an issue from both sides.... nobody I know is better at resolving complex issues in a negotiation and preserving momentum and goodwill."

William Bangert
Former Managing Partner, Global Sales, AT&T Solutions

"As one who spent years across the table from Julian negotiating large telecom outsourcings (he on behalf of the provider; me for the customer) I am happy to testify to his wisdom and tenacity. But beyond that, I can vouch for his abundant energy, patience and good will; unrivalled knowledge of IT law; and (most importantly) uncanny ability to see his adversary's point of view and use that to craft workable solutions to complex problems.  There is no one I would rather use as an arbitrator or mediator in a difficult IT dispute."

Hank Levine 
Partner, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby LLP, Washington DC

Technology and Outsourcing Law

What Chambers Guides has written about Julian Millstein's experience in Technology and Outsourcing Law:
“’Big-name player Julian Millstein is renowned as a ‘first-rate technology and outsourcing lawyer … One of the giants of the outsourcing arena.’”

Chambers USA 2005
“Clients described Julian Millstein as the ‘shining star’ of the practice and a highly skilled deal negotiator … Clients believe that Julian Millstein ‘commands respect, is practical and makes the deal more businesslike than adversarial.'"

Chambers USA 2006
“Clients agree that ‘you can’t go wrong with’ Julian Millstein … ‘one of the founders of the whole technology law area in New York.’”

Chambers USA 2007, Chambers Global 2008
“Julian Millstein is one of the most revered members of the Bar. Clients comment on his ‘unparalleled strategic ability,’ as well as his broad knowledge of the whole technology space. ‘He covers a lot of ground but the one thing that is consistent is that he is always a straight-shooter.’”

Chambers USA 2008
“Julian Millstein is one of the original pioneering lawyers from the early days of outsourcing and his experience and intellect is lauded by clients.”

Chambers USA 2009
“The esteemed Julian Millstein has 30 years of experience litigating and counseling on complex outsourcings and technology transactions.”

Chambers USA 2010
“Julian Millstein is lauded as ‘a smart practitioner with a deep understanding of the industry due to his many years of experience.’”

Chambers USA 2011
“Highly experienced practitioner Julian Millstein of Moses & Singer LLP is widely lauded as the 'godfather of this space in New York' and continues to attract an international clientele. Commentators further recognize his "varied background in complex litigation," which adds great depth to his technology and outsourcing practice.”

Chambers USA 2015

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"Julian has had many years experience of the ICT and outsourcing industries which has been of real benefit to our group and our clients. He has shown great strength in his knowledge of market norms and the ability to steer a careful course through a negotiation or dispute resolution towards a successful conclusion while respecting the position of both customer and service provider. He has a good instinct for what's "right" and the legal skills to understand and explain why that's the case. I've valued his wise counsel."
Alistair Maughan
Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP, London

"Julian is an outstanding counselor in every sense of the word. His quiet demeanor and insightful analysis help his clients, their counterparts, and his business partners understand and focus on what's most important. His experience with business and technology issues, his ability to appreciate multiple perspectives, and his creative problem solving, make him the one you want at the table in any difficult situation."

Danny Ertel
Partner/Founder, Vantage Partners LLC